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La Real is a project focused on curated graphic artworks. We advocate for printed artwork as an affordable and accessible vehicle of artistic expression. Prints are easy to consume, their 2D format is versatile and can be adapted to any place, person or artist. At the same time, a print is a direct way of accessing the essence of art. Graphic artworks and their practice have an aesthetic and communicative value that we believe it's worth claiming. Through prints, it is possible to reach different artistic disciplines, even those hard to imagine in a flat format or those that have been reproduced on a different medium from their original conception. A print can concentrate the particular creative process of each artist, adding a new dimension to an artwork.

Combining traditional graphic methods and different artistic techniques characteristic of other media, borders are blurred and new horizons expand to reveal another point of view captured in a print.

At La Real, we vindicate the figure of the curator as an active agent in the creative process. We want to create a connection between this figure and the artist, as a companion in the experimentation and formalization of the graphic piece. We want to be a channel of expression for artists, both who are specialized in graphic artworks and those who are focused on other media. Through a collaborative process, we seek to promote artistic exploration through prints. We formalise this idea by creating exclusive artworks for the project and reproducing them in limited editions, thus preserving a necessary exclusivity for the value of the artwork.

We have the will of making visible the work of emerging artists with great potential who share the “REAL” gene. We want to evolve and grow with young artists who observe the world from their own point of view and celebrate uncertain art that never stops flowing.

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Aguanta un segundo así

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